ProcureCon Asia 2019

09 - 11 July, 2019

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Singapore

+65 6722 9455

Bhavesh Shah


Digital Evaluation Day Tuesday, 9th July 2019

Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

1:20 PM Panel: Prepare your check-list- What questions should you be asking to fully recognise the pros and cons of each initiative?

We already know that for a company to thrive, it's not only needed to adopt new technology to make processes more efficient, but one of the most important aspects is how willing your stakeholders are to adapt to change, and what is needed to make execution easier. Listen to our panel of experts, who will help you prepare your questions to ensure you fully recognise the pros and cons of choosing a new digital platform: 

•The technology paradigm – How can you establish which initiative you should be supporting and why?
•When evaluating new technology platforms, what are the key areas you should be testing and looking out for? 
•What different technology platform models can help you prosper?
•How can you establish what platform is best suited to fit into your current workflow?
•What is your decision making process in choosing which vendor to use?
•What do you think is the next big thing in procurement? 

Main Conference Day 1 Wednesday, 10th July 2019

Wednesday, July 10th, 2019

10:20 AM Keynote Panel Interactive: How can you monitor for warning signs of political danger and other supply chain risk categories in order to create a truly effective supply chain risk management strategy?

After listening to our Economist’s view of the future, our heads of procurement will share their key takeaways and reflect on what this means for each of their organisations. In this innovative and interactive format, you’ll spend 20 minutes hearing the panel’s perspectives on this before being presented with a challenge to discuss in your roundtable groups. You’ll then nominate a leader and present your conclusions back to the audience.

•How to diversify geographically and to make sure that a shock to the system, whether it be geopolitical or a natural disaster, can be overcome without having any delays
•How to build out a robust and well-defined, risk management approach embedded into your sourcing process
•How to tap into data sources that offer accurate analysis on how risks are developing to  help future-proof supply chains against the most threatening situations
•How to use technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to mitigate risk 

Main Conference Day 2 Thursday, 11th July 2019

Thursday, July 11th, 2019

9:20 AM Opening Keynote Panel: Defining and shaping sustainability – How to strike a balance between driving revenue and growth whilst meeting business needs in an environmentally-friendly, responsible and ethical way

Climate change in security, ensuring ethical values. These and more are usually defined by your CEO/corporate board, but if you’re engaged in discussion with your sustainability team, you can achieve a realistic plan and make a positive difference. In this opening keynote panel discussion, you will hear our sustainable procurement Rock Starts who will share their thoughts on: 

•How to communicate and  follow an ethical code of conduct 
•How to meet your business needs using green alternatives
•How to engage your government to take steps in promoting greener solutions especially if you are in a progressive region like Singapore? 
•What can you quickly implement in your organisation without incurring high costs?

2:20 PM CPO Network: Defining cultural & organisational change

The ProcureCon CPO Network is an exclusive chance for procurement’s senior executives to discuss their most vital issues and catch up in an informal boardroom setting.

(Open to CPOs only;
Pre-registration is required)

•Building a team of future leaders
•Redefining skillsets needed to succeed
•Sourcing and implementing disruptive technologies
•Demand management and spend optimisation
•Should procurement report to CEO or CFO or COO? Does the type of industry dictate the reporting line?

6:05 PM Overall Outlook – Conference Wrap Up: How has the Asian Procurement industry evolved in the last 5 years and what will the next 5 years bring?

To round off our Annual ProcureCon Asia, we take a light-hearted look at how the Asian procurement space is progressing compared to our European and American counterparts. During this informal session, we will grab a drink and relax while discussing how you think the procurement universe will evolve in Asia. 

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Bhavesh.

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