Procurement Professionals- Bring Your Team!

This is the perfect chance to accelerate your procurement transformation strategy as a team. We’re got great discounts for you, too!

  • Groups of 2-3: 15% off prevailing rates
  • Groups of 4-5: 25% off prevailing rates
  • Groups of 6-7: 35% off prevailing rates
  • Groups of 8 and above: 40% off prevailing rates

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  • Solution Providers Include: Any service provider to business to consumer organization including software vendors, internet developers, technology vendors, solution providers, consultants or companies with primary revenues resulting from commissions, subscriptions and/or advertising
  • Worldwide Business Research reserves the right to enforce the rate for those who do not qualify as procurement professionals
  • Payment can be made by credit card, bank transfer or invoice - please note, a $99 processing fee will be applied for bank transfer and invoice payments. There is no extra charge on credit card payments.
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