ProcureCon Asia 2020

14 - 16 July, 2020

Equarius Hotel, Singapore

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3 Tips for Procurement Professionals


We asked four industry experts what were the Top 3 Tips they would give to those in Procurement. Read this blog to find out what they said…

What are your top 3 overall tips for procurement leaders?


Dorthe Bergholdt

BW Offshore

  1. Be curious – ask questions. Educate you self as a coach. It is a valuable competency to have both internally and as a negotiation tool
  2. Hire a black belt Business process manager. – you will never regret it
  3. Get a full understanding of the data relevant to and available to you and then Implement Power BI or similar to facilitate reporting and analysis

Taylor Li

Perfetti Van Melle

  1. Preparing BCP is critical
  2. Always have a 3 years road map
  3. Prioritise the desk

Hanil Kim


  1. Embrace changes and lead a breakthrough transformation!
  2. Be a trusted business partner & act like a business leader
  3. Don’t be complacent and continuously learn and challenge

Jasmin Abu Bakar


  1. In this world of digitalisation, make technology work for you
  2. Focus more on collaborative strategic sourcing and establishment of alliances with key suppliers
  3. Take sustainability procurement and green initiatives seriously

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