ProcureCon Asia 2020

14 - 16 July, 2020

Equarius Hotel, Singapore

+65 6722 9455

What You Can Expect At ProcureCon Asia


We asked four from our speaker panel what are some key takeaways we can expect from their session. Read more on their responses below.

You’re joining ProcureCon Asia Conference in Singapore. What can we expect to learn from you?


Gaurav Sharma

Apollo Tyres

I will be happy to speak about machine learning and its’ application in procurement. Also, how to start with Procurement Modelling and digitization journey as well as the Leaky Buckets Phenomenon.


Caroline Creven Fourrier

APAC Syngenta

Experience around change management and procurement professional’s development. Technical procurement skills are one thing – that are of course critical to the success of the function. However, to sustain the delivery of procurement teams, the right leadership model is required. This goes through the appropriate change management and team’s development.


Eric van der list

Future Pipe

Stay enthusiastic and don’t get negative whenever there is a setback. Everything has a solution or even more than one. I can give numerous examples of what I have encountered in the last 19-20 years being in this field in different positions, at different levels and in different organizations.


Dr Christina SS Ooi

Malaysia Airlines

One interesting area would be how organizations can learn to balance the supply and demand of the right talent. The fact that organizations in Asia continue to grapple with scarcity of procurement talent especially in highly populated geographies is a mind blogging phenomenon. Also, some perspectives on how to stay ahead of this war for talent.

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